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John Madrigal: Co-Founder
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Former Members: Robert and Jennifer Chavez
Sophia grew up in Capitola, CA, right down the street from the beach. Needless to say, she was always there. She was a cheerleader, pom-pom girl, and drama student throughout school. Every friday at midnight you could find her at the Rocky Horror Picture Show. She has had a number of jobs including being the first person at the Chuck E. Cheese in Capitola to wear the rat costume, working in the Elvis Room with Jasper T. Jowls- singing all of Elvis's greatest hits, and she was a waitress at Chuck Berry's restaurant in Wentzville, MO. For the past fourteen years, she has been a stay at home mom, taking care of her & John's autistic son, Jimmy. In her spare time, Sophia loves spending time with her grandchildren, watching horror movies, visiting haunted places and watching her beloved Forty Niners.

Q:  Who is your favorite horror character & why?

A:  Simon Pegg as Shaun, in Shaun of the Dead. He's bumbling and yet still managed to become the leader of the survivors. One of my favorite parts is, when he and Ed (Nick Frost) are walking home and attempting to sing a rap song, and the zombie is in the far backround grunting along. Also, that he is trying to get to his MUM.....as all of us would.
John has a vast career background in police training and protective services. He is currently working in the bio tech/pharmacology distribution field and volunteers for the Mountain View Police Department. His dream job would be to become a full time Police Officer in the bay area. He is trained in aikido, taekwondo, combat muay thai, and shodokan karate. He likes to go shooting and practice edge weapons defenses. His hobbies include watching movies, going to the beach, ghost stories, and spending time with his family. One day he hopes to learn to fly planes and helicopters. John feels that all of his training and interests will help him fight back in the imminent zombie apocalypse.

Q:  Who is your favorite horror character & why?

A:  Columbus, played by Jesse Eisenberg in Zombieland. Even though the world is in shambles, he is still trying to find a girl. One of my favorite parts is when he is in the theater with Wichita and he asked, "Does your sister have a certain type?" She replies, "She goes for bad boys." And he drops the popcorn on the floor trying to be a bad boy. That always makes me laugh.
His name is John - also known as John-John for the people who know the man behind the myth. Throughout high school, he participated in stage craft and broadcast journalism. He then attended The Art Institute of Sunnyvale, where he studied graphic arts, background design, and computers. In his spare time, he likes to record music, draw, and play his XBox. Since he was a child, John has been involved with art, so being a part of Scary Porch Productions is a dream come true.

Q:  What is your favorite zombie movie?

A:  Dawn of the dead. The original and the new version. The new version because it shows more of the city decaying. The original, when there are in the mall, the playfulness that they reflect.
Sophia Favela: Co-Founder
Most of Shad's information has been classified. However, what we do know is that Shad was born in Newport Beach, CA. After a stint in Green Bay, WI, he arrived in the Bay Area for reasons unknown. He has a bachelors degree in theater and is currently working on a teaching degree. He enjoys recording music, directing, and acting....some say he is Damaged.

Q:  What is your all-time favorite zombie movie?

A:  Dawn of the Dead (new version), because the zombies are ravenous and fast. Pretty terrifying. 28 Days Later...Cillian Murphy, that's all I need to say. Oh, and of course The Night of the Living Dead and the original Dawn of the Dead. Absolute classics jammed packed with social satire.
Shad Bever: Director of Creative Development
John Madrigal II: Director of Creative Development