The development of the company was practically on accident. On October 31, 2010, John Sr., Jennifer, and Robert were all dressed up in their Halloween costumes, however, John Sr. was not a part of Jennifer and Robert's skit. They actually really didn't really know each other yet. Jennifer and Robert were dressed on their porch scaring Trick-Or-Treaters as they were giving out candy. John Sr. was dressed up as a mock Police Officer right next door to Jennifer and Robert's House. Two Trick-Or-Treaters thought John Sr. was a part of Jennifer and Robert's skit and assumed he would help them. Once they realized that John Sr. wasn't budging, they ran off. That Halloween, John Sr. consulted with his family and started thinking about doing something bigger and scarier. August of 2011, John Sr. approached Robert asking if he wanted to use both homes (Robert's and John Sr. House) to create a "Haunted House" for the neighborhood kids. Robert agreed and then asked if he could bring his wife, Jennifer, along as well. This was the heart of Scary Porch Productions. John Sr. brought in his wife, Sophia Favela and his son, John Madrigal II to join the Production Company. Robert and Jennifer then brought their friend, Shad Beaver in as well. These six individuals then collaborated and came to a conclusion to call the company, "Scary Porch Productions".
Story of the Scare